We prepared the high quality material that enable all idea and inspiration for designer. And without scarifiled the user. AICA also provided full benefit in term of more durability to scratch and heat, neatness, long-lasting, surface that are easy to clean and lowest possible of emission from the material.

We, LSX, are carefully sourcing the material all the world to stock and serve to you only the best item. AICA has the uniqueness in term of quality product from Japan, they have a restriction regulation about chemical emission. These will ensure that user will enjoy both neatness surface and cleanliness atmosphere in using this product.

Décor surfaces are material for surface decorative. It can apply to any part from furniture, ceiling and wall.

CERARL is a noncombustible wall panel board that can be used for all interior wall area.

ALTYNO is a HD quality decorative film from Janpan.

JOLYPATE is a wall coating material that can be use for interior and exterior