LSX are found over a decade(2004). Starting as a interior constuctors with fully intention team to put something extra in every piece of work. As its name stand for “Little something extra”. Being in interior industry for a while, we delivery a hundreds project. Inside boring about low quality material. We set a special team to sourcing decor-material for many country.

We have ambition to improve the use of quality material in Thailand. We try to make our product pricing at reasonable price and provide best possible service. Our mention service also including stocking a lot, fast and small volume deliverly, provide product and technical information to all group of clients.

LSX ingredient is a team consist of

  • Sourcing unit and logistic with global conection.
  • Stylist purchaser.
  • Technical R&D, the nerd that like to torture to find the limit of material.
  • Sale team that concentrate in serving.
  • Support team with 100% support minded set.
Our team promise our client to service you at 100%
capacity to ensure that buy extra material, got an extra service.
All you have to do is SPECIFIC decor from LSX.
By this you will ensure the selected quality product for you project.